Items labeled "coming soon" are available at A.Mano Brooklyn or 6ft Ap’art Gallery.


David Hollingsworth moved to NYC to study graphic design in 2000, but his creative interests had been 3-Dimensional since childhood. During his 9-year career as a sign maker, David began taking ceramics lessons in Queens in 2009 and fell in love with the craft immediately. Since 2016, he has been able to focus on ceramics, and is now the manager of Mud Matters, a community ceramics studio in Hell’s Kitchen. After many years of designing and making solely functional objects, David pivoted to sculptural work that retains a functional component. For the past 3 years he has been focusing on a series of Creature sculptures. The first were made while he completed a ceramics apprenticeship with Dawn Soltysiak on a farm in Michigan. David says the process of making them is like playing with a child’s construction toy; individual pieces are made and then assembled, often without much of a plan, and what emerges is a mixture of sweet and scary, just like childhood.

Some creatures can be found at A.Mano Brooklyn at 585 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY.